Goleta Preschools Individualized Care

Individualized Care Goleta Preschools

We Offer Your Child Individualized Attention at Our Goleta Day Care

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Mixed age groups benefit each child in different ways. We work together, learn from each other, and become a community.

Under The Orange Trees is licensed as a “small family childcare”. That means I care for six children or less, at a time. Caring for fewer children means I can dedicate more individualized attention to each child.

A Primary Caregiver System Means Quality Care

Because of these lower numbers, in a family childcare environment, children and caregivers can form a secure attachment. A secure attachment to a primary caregiver is important to the development of young children. In childcare, we call it a “Primary Caregiver System” (to read more, click here ).

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A Primary Caregiver System is an indicator of quality care. I consider working with a small group to be the best part about family childcare.

Because I enroll so few, I can observe and respond to each child’s needs and interests. I can guide the children through social skill development within the group, as well as meet the children’s developmental needs in other areas.

I Encourage Children to Grow at their Own Pace

For example, I may observe that one child is working on fine motor skills, having a hard time with buttoning pants. For that child, I would develop a curriculum plan involving activities to develop fine motor skills. I would observe any growth or changes. 

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As the primary caregiver to a small group, I can focus on the evolving needs of each child in my care.

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Something for every age, in between!


We love Under the Orange Trees child care! Ildi is a loving child care provider who is extremely patient and creative with kids. She meets kids at their level and encourages child-directed play. She is experienced in early childhood care and education. She has taught my son how to be kind and inclusive of others, how to communicate better and be thoughtful, and she has encouraged his creativity and learning. At Under the Orange Trees my son loves playing with the fun toys in the playroom and yard, helping with cooking activities or snack prep, the games they play, the creative activities, playing with the other kids, and he loves Ildi! It is a perfect warm, caring home environment for him. We feel so lucky to be there!
Anna Freedland