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Health and Safety Policies Goleta Child Care Service

Health and Safety Policies for our Goleta and Santa Barbara Families

Health and Safety Policies at Santa Barbara Family Childcare
We always practice, and teach, best practices in health and safety!

Keeping Us All Healthy

I have policies in place to protect the children’s health and wellbeing.

At every drop off, I perform a quick health check. Children who are not well must stay home for the health of our little community!

There is more information about our “well child” policies in our handbook.

Teaching Children Healthy Self Care

I follow standard practices of hand washing before preparing food, after any toilet help or diapering, as well as any time hands are dirty; and guide the children in doing the same.

Highest Standards of Cleanliness

I sweep and vacuum daily - multiple times a day! I clean and sanitize toys on a rotating schedule. I do everything I can to keep us all healthy.

Safety Policies:

Our facility meets all required physical safety standards, including:

  • gated stairs
  • working smoke detectors
  • fire extinguishers replaced every year
  • all medications, poisonous cleaners and sharp utensils up and out of reach

In addition to these and other safety precautions for the physical space, other important precautions are taken as well.

To read in full about our safety standards and safety practices, click here.


We love Under the Orange Trees child care! Ildi is a loving child care provider who is extremely patient and creative with kids. She meets kids at their level and encourages child-directed play. She is experienced in early childhood care and education. She has taught my son how to be kind and inclusive of others, how to communicate better and be thoughtful, and she has encouraged his creativity and learning. At Under the Orange Trees my son loves playing with the fun toys in the playroom and yard, helping with cooking activities or snack prep, the games they play, the creative activities, playing with the other kids, and he loves Ildi! It is a perfect warm, caring home environment for him. We feel so lucky to be there!
Anna Freedland